Welcome to the Université de Neuchâtel’s Introduction to Creative Writing course literary magazine.

This course is offered to second- and third-year Bachelor’s students who are studying English as a foreign language. While some of the students have written creatively before, many are writing poems and short stories in English for the first time.

The work you see here was produced during Fall 2022 in response to weekly prompts. While the subject matter is always open, the poetry and short fiction prompts have constraints to develop specific craft techniques. Poetry prompts range from dramatic monologues to “object” or “list” poems; short story prompts might focus on dialogue or unreliable narrators.

In addition to writing every week, students also read and critique each other’s work. Class begins with discussion of assigned reading with an eye towards craft, and then we workshop three student pieces per week.

The poems and short stories that appear in the 2022 issue were chosen by the students who wrote them.